Problem solved... Use TCR's innovative small parcel management tools to recover lost revenue from lost packages.

Small Parcel - Lost Packages


Carriers guarantee the delivery of all packages. If packages are lost carriers will refund customers the value of the goods (up to $100.00/package) plus shipping charges. Carriers offer this guarantee for all packages; no additional insurance or declared value is required.


TCR has found we can recover between 3%-5% of customer transportation expense by submitting these claims. Customers have found they can reduce there customer churn by 10%-12% by following up with their customers who did not receive there packages to ensure satisfaction.


TCR tracks packages to identify and submits tracers for lost packages. Carriers confirm packages are lost and sends claim document to customer. Customer submits claim document to carrier for refund.


TCR fees are a percentage of the overcharges; therefore there is no risk for customers. If TCR collects nothing you pay nothing.

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Major parcel carriers, like UPS, FedEx and DHL guarantee on-time delivery or your money back. But everyday hundreds of thousands of packages arrive late, or not at all and almost nobody files the paperwork to get a refund.

We track all of your deliveries, and get the refunds you deserve. As a TCR Guaranteed Refund Services (GSR) client, you don't incur start up costs, and you don't pay for any services until you receive money back. So the only thing you have to lose is unclaimed refunds.

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